Models Office was founded in 1970 by Pierre and Marielou. In New York, Wilhelmina taught them everything there is to know about the business. At that time, she was the owner of the largest agency in the world, "Wilhelmina Models".

“ It’s not because you like beautiful people, that it automatically makes you a model agent! ”

- Wilhelmina -

They returned and re-raised the agency with only two models! Since then they have been representing numerous internationally asked models. Together with our network of the most important agents in the world, they have been working hard every day on building the careers of their models.

Ellen and Nicolas took over the agency in 2018 after Ellen had been working as a model for the agency for almost 15 years. With the guidance of Pierre and Marielou and Ellen’s experience as a successful international model they know what it takes to make it in this business.

“ The reason that I wanted to continue working in this business is because the card of authenticity is now being drawn. Models of all colors, ages and sizes? Amazing, right? "

- Ellen -

Today we continue to focus on proper guidance and training of the top models from today and tomorrow. With our team and our network of the most important agents in the world we’ve launched many faces that have been representing the biggest brands and sold for millions worth of clothes, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, cars, …

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